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How to Use Protocol Buffers with Zephyr and Bluetooth Low Energy

Jun, 17 2024

A protocol buffer (or protobuf) is a lightweight mechanism for serializing structured data. They are very useful when used with Bluetooth Low Energy.

How to flash a Zephyr project without a programmer using a UART to serial converter

Jun, 10 2024

You can use a UART to Serial converter to flash your Zephyr RTOS devices so you do not need to rely on a programmer.

How to Flash the Arduino Bootloader to a Custom nRF52832 Design

Jun, 03 2024

If you have a custom design based on the nRF52832, you can program it via Arduino using a UART to Serial converter

How to Provision ESP32 WiFi Devices Using Soft AP and an E-Ink Display

Apr, 03 2024

When building more mature WiFi projects, you need to allow the user a way to add their WiFi credentials, lets walk through one way of doing this by leveraging an e-ink display for a nice user experience.

Choosing Between Cellular and WiFi for IoT Projects

Mar, 15 2024

What wireless protocol should you use for your IoT device?

Tabbot Project Case Study

Mar, 07 2024

A deep dive into building Tabbot.

Thingio Project Case Study

Mar, 07 2024

A deep dive into building Thingio.

A Custom ZMK Macropad Build with XIAO nRF52840

Feb, 23 2024

How to get started making your own Macropad using ZMK firmware and a XIAO nRF52840 module.

Using the Waveshare SIM7600 4G RaspberryPi Hat and a Hologram SIM card

Feb, 15 2024

I had a lot of trouble getting the Waveshare SIM7600 4G Hat working with my Raspberry Pi as a main network interface so I thought I would outline the steps that ended up working for me.

Configure a Google Nest with Homekit Using the homebridge-google-nest-sdm Plugin

Jan, 15 2024

I had a hard time setting up my Google Nest working with Homekit, so I thought it might be useful to document the steps that ended up working. This assumes you already have Homebridge correctly configured.

What is a bootloader?

Oct, 11 2023

What is a bootloader on an embedded device, and when do you need one?

nRF WiFi Provisioning via Web Bluetooth

Aug, 23 2023

This is a minimal example of how to provision an nRF7002 WiFi device using Web Bluetooth and React.

Abusing MQTT by streaming video with ESP32CAM

Jun, 07 2023

Lets try to stream video over an AWS IoT Core MQTT connection using the ESP32CAM.

Animate an SVG element along a fixed path with Framer Motion in React

Dec, 14 2022

Using Framer Motion with React, learn how to animate an SVG circle element along an SVG path.

Hacking an off the shelf Bluetooth beacon

Dec, 03 2022

Flashing Zephyr onto an off the shelf Bluetooth beacon.

Getting started with Web Bluetooth in React

Dec, 02 2022

Browsers can connect to Bluetooth peripheral devices. Connect with React and display a temperature reading.

How to set up Seeed Xiao nRF52840 with Circuit Python for BLE

Dec, 01 2022

The Seeed Xaio nRF52840 is an easy way to get started with BLE projects using Circuit Python.

Setting up SSL Certificate for an ElasticBeanstalk Backend on AWS

Oct, 21 2022

You will need to have SSL configured when trying to connect to an ElasticBeanstalk backend from your front end application.

How to deploy a Typescript Parse Server on Elasticbeanstalk

May, 23 2022

Follow along with the guide on how to deploy a Typescript Parse Server on an Elasticbeanstalk instance.

How Configure a MongoDB Atlas Database for your Parse Server.

May, 19 2022

Learn how to set up a MongoDB Atlas instance for your Parse Server.

How to set up a Parse Server backend with Typescript.

May, 16 2022

Learn how to set up a Parse Server backend using Typescript.

Connect to Bluetooth devices with StreamProvider and Flutter Reactive BLE Part 2

Apr, 08 2022

Learn how to use Flutter Provider and Reactive BLE to interact with connected Bluetooth devices.

Connect to Bluetooth devices with StreamProvider and Flutter Reactive BLE

Apr, 05 2022

Learn how to use Flutter Provider and Flutter Reactive BLE to connect to Bluetooth devices.

Bonded Bluetooth Pairing in Zephyr

Mar, 05 2022

How to implement bonded pairing in Zephyr on an nRF52

Just Works Bluetooth Pairing

Mar, 01 2022

What is just works bonded pairing in Bluetooth Low Energy?

BLE with Zephyr on an nRF52

Nov, 23 2021

Zephyr can be tricky to get started with. Learn how to set up Bluetooth Low Energy on an nRF52832 device running Zephyr.

Getting started with Flutter Reactive Bluetooth Low Energy.

Sep, 21 2021

Flutter just got a new Bluetooth library by the makers of Phillips Hue. Let us explore how to get it up and running.

Getting started with Zephyr on nRF52.

Jul, 26 2021

How to set up a Zephyr environment in VSCode an nRF52 SoC.

Setting up a serial monitor in VSCode for Zephyr development.

Jul, 26 2021

Let us make sure we can read out our print statements so we know what up with our devices.

POST a camera image to your API with Flutter and Dio.

May, 01 2020

Dio is an HTTP client for flutter which is a useful way of sending form data to your back-end API. In this case, were using form data to send an image from the phone camera to be processed on our backend.

Flutter Bluetooth Low Energy and Circuit Python.

Nov, 05 2019

One of the main advantage of Flutter is its already quite mature package ecosystem. Here we will focus on Flutter Blue, the package used for Bluetooth Low Energy communication.